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 First of all Hi! And thank you for coming to check out some of my work.

I'm currently studying level 3 special effects and media makeup, and hoping to go to university this coming September, this page will give you an insight and some descriptions to some of my recent or favourite work. 

Also I would love to apologise for the amount of 'as above' and 'pictured here' you will see, there is only so many times you can rephrase a sentence!

Pictured above is a piece I created for a body art module last year, we were given the design brief of a robot.

Application of a facial postiche, this was a lace knotted piece applied with Prosaide. 

Here was a creative brief I was given, and below I will also show a self evaluation of my work.

This is an image I had created away from college and education, this among some other images are me trying out some new products or techniques. 

Like the previous image, this look was done during free time, just to experiment with products. This was actually my halloween 2019 look. 

Above is a hair piece created on a block head, we were given Avant-Garde as an objective to work towards and this was my interpretation. 
Here we have my only other hair piece for my portfolio, this was a wedding brief. I would love to add more range and experience to my work on hair, due to the COVID-19 situation, and having short hair myself, I have been unable to practice for some time. 

Pictured here is a creative eye look that I produced with the theme of 'Ombre Eye', and I really do apologise for the state of my eyebrows, as of 03/03/20 there are still no beauty salons open,, argh!!

Here is just a small piece of my planning process for the above look, prior to creating a look, I always like to take my ideas to paper, to test colour theory and how well colours look together, and to apply any additions, to stay organised. 

This image was created in college from a design brief we were given titled 'Fire at Holby' I interpreted this as my model was already in the Holby Hospital due to prior injuries, She had been in a fight, and as well as this, she was caught up in the 'Fire at Holby' 
I wanted the initial injuries of the fight, to look almost soap opera-esq, not too graphic, and a little bit dramatised. 
This image shows my ability to apply prosthetics to the face using latex. Ideally I would have loved to use the airbrush and blend the prosthetics and skin together, to make an all round realistic look, however unfortunately we only had time in college to actually apply the prosthetics. 
Shown above is my work for face and body art units, this ombre effect was created by an airbrush.
Burn injuries.
One of my all time favourite looks that I have created, this was for a 'Decades' design brief, I chose 80's Fantasy, and wanted to go all out 80's and I think it really paid off. 
Finally we have my most recent piece, which is actually just a practice run, however I wanted to include it to show my process, before handing in a design brief I do like to give the image a test run to figure out which techniques will work better, while not wasting time in an actual assessment. This was a design brief for an old age villain character for the theatre, my inspiration was very campy pantomimes I went to as a child. 

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