My High End Clothing Wishlist

The worst thing about me loving designer brands, is the amount of money in my bank account. No more than two days go by without me stalking the designer websites falling in love with too many things, and I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you. Although I have lots of brands that I love, I'm going to limit myself to just two, so that the post doesn't go on, and on, and on. Todays wishlist will include Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

Gucci Shoes are the way to my heart, if I could decide which pair I prefer I might have bought a pair by now, but I just can't decide which ones to get and which ones to leave behind, these are my two favourite pairs.

'Ace Leather Sneaker'

The simple look of this shoe is mainly the reason I love it, Its not 'In your face Gucci' Its more minimal, and I think that they would go with so many outfits. 

'Ace GG Supreme Sneaker' 

Unlike the other pair, these are slightly more noticeably Gucci, However I think the style of them just look so nice, to me its definitely not too much, unlike some other designer items. 

Bags are for sure some of the most expensive things on this list, which does make me sad because at times they are my most wanted items. Designer bags have the ability of making a whole outfit look so much better, If you were wearing a full outfit from hight street stores and had a designer bag, obviously it would make the whole outfit look more expensive and also look more tied together.

 'Apollo Backpack'
Louis Vuitton

Out of both of the bags that I've chosen, this one is my favourite.  I think it is such an attractive bag, and obviously would be such good quality. The only thing that slightly puts me off of this piece is the branding all over it, but I also kinda' love that  too?

 'Michael Backpack'
Louis Vuitton

Just looking at this bag makes me smile, It looks so nice! I prefer the shape and the size of the front pocket of the first bag more, however I love that this one is more 'lowkey', one day i'll have them both, one day... 

Tops and Sweatshirts
I love some of the random designs that designer brands, especially Gucci release, however the two tops that I have chosen are the more classic look, that won't go 'out of season' as much as other tops you can purchase will, I really love these two and hopefully will be able to stop myself impulse buying and start saving for these!

'Washed T-Shirt with Gucci Logo' 

I really love this Tee, I think it would look so good just simply with a pair of plain black jeans. The great thing with minimal clothing items is that they will go with so many other things. 

'Cotton Sweatshirt with Gucci Logo' 

I basically live in hoodies, but don't really have any nice ones, if I had one like this I think I'd never take it off! This is one of the only items from this list that I've seen a lot of people wear and everytime I see it on someone, I want it a little more..

These are all of my current favourite Gucci and LV items! Let me know what designer things you're loving right now!
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