Summer In The City 2017 and The Problem With Being a Fan

Summer in the City weekend - my favourite time of the year. As most of you may know, Summer in the City (or SitC as I prefer to call it) Just happened in London last weekend. SitC is the UK's largest Youtube event, it gives you the chance to meet your favourite creators, attend panels, meet up with your friends, and meet like-minded people with some shared interests.

This year was my second time attending SitC, and hopefully will be second of many, many more. This year I attended with one of my Internet-Friends Lucy, with the intention of meeting up with many other friends when arriving. One of the highlights of SitC for me is meeting up with people that I would consider best friends after meeting on twitter but not being able to meet in real life, I got to spend the weekend with some of my favourite people, Ashly, Amy, Alex, Ella and Danielle.

One of the main events of SitC is the balloted meet and greets, this is probably the main reason most people attend SitC, however it is my least favourite part. I love getting to meet the people that inspire me and that I look up too, and getting to have a little chat, but standing in a queue for two hours for a 20 second 'Hello, how are you?' conversation seems funny to me. I much prefer bumping into the creators around the convention hall, this way you get a little longer and a more 'normal' style conversation. As much as I say that it is my least favourite part, I enjoyed every second of the people I met this year.

As you saw in the cover photo of the post, I met Emma Blackery! I actually met her twice over the weekend, It was my sixth time meeting her, after going to SitC before and attending her gigs, she is definitely my favourite person to meet, so funny and welcoming. Meeting her is a pleasure every time!

I also met the two beauties Lucy and Lydia, This was my second time meeting these girls and alike Emma it was a pleasure both times! after them recognising me straight away and saying my outfit was 'very troy bolton' it definitely topped my list of meeting celebrities. I hope to meet these both very soon!

Just before meeting Lucy and Lydia, I met another duo, the stomach hurtingly funny Rose and Rosie. I can't say a bad word about these, they were so lovely and down to earth, it made the experience so nice. I was even told that I smelt nice by Rosie - Thats going on my CV!

The final person I met was Helen Anderson! I really love Helen and her daily vlogs are my favourite things to watch. This is the second time I've met her, and she was lovely both times! I hope I get to meet her again soon.

I met a few other creators when walking around the convention hall, but someone that really sticks out to me is my favourite blogger, Zoe London. Talking to her was so nice, she seemed so down to earth and really invested into our conversation, also talking to her made me feel so productive about my blog, I am finally inspired!

Overall It was the best weekend ever! and I cannot wait to go back next year.

The problem with being a fan

Before I finish the post, I just wanted to write about a little something I've been thinking about, Maybe this could spark some discussion and we could talk about this?

For a while I've been thinking that I no longer fit in with being a 'fan' of youtubers and bloggers. I no longer get the rush of excitment that I used too when being tweeted, or even meeting a youtuber, Of course I'm happy when this happens but I don't go all dizzy with excitement like I used too.

When I meet or tweet (the rhyme gave me a giggle) a youtuber I feel quite like I'm speaking to a friend, and Im struggling to come to terms with that, Because I don't feel like a fan, and I'm obviously not their friend, I feel sort of stuck in the middle. And as much as I'd love to bump into Zoella or some of my other favourite people in an event and have them want to be best friends with me, I just know its never going to happen. 

I'm not really sure what I'm getting at really, however I was hoping that someone would relate?

I hope you enjoyed the first post back after my break / relaunch, and hope you look forward to my next post!

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