L'oréal Paris ColoRista Washout Review

I've wanted to dye my hair a 'crazy' or 'out-there' colour for quite some time, I've always liked the idea of it, however not been quite so fond of the unwanted attention that comes with being 'different'. Recently I have just gotten to a mindset of 'who cares' if I like the way I look why should it bother me what people think?

Having a look around Boots with my friend, I noticed all the colourful hair dyes and began wishing that I had some of the colours, I started to read some of the boxes and saw that the L'oréal Paris ColoRista Washout only lasted 5-10 washes, which is perfect for me. I could easily wash it out if I immediately regretted my decision. On the back of the box it shows results on different hair colours, obviously the more vibrant you want it the more blonde you need to be, I currently have bleach blonde hair, which is perfect for bright colours.

I was really unsure if I would like the drastic change on myself, but after applying I seriously fell in love, a part of me kind of wishes it wouldn't wash out so easily! I am so glad that I tried it out and found that I really like it.

The application was very easy to follow, the instruction sheet had different instructions for different outcomes, there was 'Full head', 'Ombre' and 'Highlights, I went for full head as my bleached hair has grown out quite a bit so it would just be the top of my hair that would be coloured. The application was as easy as squeezing it out of the tube and rubbing it into my hair. I had to wait 30 minutes and could wash it out.

Overall I am very impressed with the easiness and result of this washout dye, I would definitely recommend it and even use it again!


please let me know if you like the colour or what colour I should do next time, and let me know if you have ever used L'oréal Paris ColoRista Washout! Thank you for reading!!

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