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Why louise pentland inspires me

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It may be obvious to some that I'm not 100% in Louise's demographic, a lot of her videos include topics like motherhood, cleaning and clothing hauls. I am definitely not a mother, I certainly do not do a lot of cleaning, and female clothing is not a type of clothing in my wardrobe, however I find myself clicking on every one of her videos no matter the topic, I also find all her socials so so entertaining.

I find myself getting very inspired by Louise, She is without a doubt the kind of person you don't know if you want to be best friends with, and go to a rooftop cocktail bar together sipping cocktails, or if you want to just become a personal version of her for yourself.

I really admire how she is very confident about the person she is, she has her opinions that she knows some people won't agree with, like religion or politics, however she shares her opinions in an informative and educational way, more people should really take this on board in my opinion, it would make the world a happier place!!

A few years ago I went to a Louise Live show, which I am desperately anticipating another!! But one thing that just made me fall in love with this stranger from online was the way she spoke about body positivity. Everyone struggles with loving themselves, everyone. Nobody feels confident all the time! but Louise's way with words about loving yourself and treating yourself like how you treat others will stay with me forever, if you can find a video of it anywhere - do watch!! I know there is an official DVD (but I'm sure you'll find it on youtube too - shh I didn't say that).

The way Louise seems to juggle work and family life and be a successful badass woman really inspires me to try and do well, and eventually maybe also be able to juggle a potential family and career and be a successful badass, but maybe not the woman part...

I wanted to make sure this wasn't a full on post of me just kissing Louise's ass, and maybe I failed, but sometimes people just deserve to be praised, and more positivity in the world can't hurt right?

I was thinking of maybe making a series on my blog about some people and how they inspire me? let me know if this is something you'd like or if you'd prefer this as a one off.

I also realise this is the first post since my little re-launch and I haven't spoken about it yet.. just you wait!! There will be a post about that too in the next few days!
Be sure to follow Louise on all her social media platforms, @LouisePentland on twitter and Instagram.
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