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2018, Here we go...

At the time of writing this, we are 8 days into 2018, and already I feel like so much has gone on. I am always very against new years resolutions for some reason - my mindset is that if you want to make a positive change on your life you shouldn't wait until January the first to do that. However, there is something about January that makes me at least want to make changes, it makes me want to become a better version of myself, I'm not sure if its a realistic thought but there for sure is something in the back of my mind telling me to do better.

The last few days I've been thinking of some little goals or changes I want to make around my life this year, not so much resolutions just some little things I want to do or change about myself to make this year the best one yet.

1. I really want to get a tattoo this year, I always thought as soon as I turned 18 I would get one, then 18 came and left and I'm still tattooless.

2. To travel way more - Last year I only really went away to Scotland and London and although they don't sound very much, they were both highlights of my year, exploring new places, even though they were situated in the UK was so fun to me, so for sure this year I want to venture out and explore new places. To me it's not important if I hop on a train somewhere a couple of hours away or if I get the chance to leave the country, I'm sure I'll have an amazing time no matter what I do

3. I want to get over some fears. If you know me well you'll know that I cannot even get within a 5 minute radius of any medical practice building, be that a doctor a dentist or anything in-between without me freaking out, and I'm determined that this year I am going to change that,

4. Feel confident with a solid group of friends - I think it's the most normal feeling ever to sometimes not feel like you're fitting in with people, and Its normal to have little arguments with friends, however one thing I feel I lack a lot is a solid consistent group of friends, don't get me wrong, I have lots of friends but I don't really have that 'squad' that everyone seems to have, maybe that will change this year.

5. Finally, to be way more productive. I want to start becoming way better with work and studying, but also with my blog, theres no point pretending I was a good blogger last year after my re-launch, but this year is going to be my year, so get ready to see my little posts popping up more often!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have had a great christmas and a happy new year!

The Memory Box

After talking to Hollie (www.ItsHollieAnn.com) yesterday, I briefly mentioned my memory box to her, since then all I've thought about is writing a post about my little box of wonder, I'm really unsure about how interesting this will be to read about but I love the little stories behind everything I keep.

Like most of us, my memory box is far from perfect, its a cluttered little thing on the side of my chest of drawers, as pictured above. The lid is struggling to close, so I really need to start thinking about getting another, but I don't know how I feel about replacing Susan, just yet.

So this is a strange one to start with.. This is a pile of confetti from a couple different events I've been too, I think they are from Summer in the City, and Louise Live. I think this shows how much of a hoarder I really am. I'm glad we got that out the way.

Train tickets! some people would print out photos to remember their trips.. Not me apparently, I like to collect the Tickets. One of these trips was when I went to visit my best friends up in Scotland.

I'm sure this one is a little less weird, to keep Cards, I have a stack of a few of my favourite Christmas and Birthday cards from the last few years. I have a sort of competition between all of the cards I've received each year, I only allow myself to keep 3-4 cards so that I don't go overboard. 

This is slightly more weird than the cards - again, but I like to keep envelopes too.. Let me explain! My friend Emily, ALWAYS decorates the envelopes, I always feel like they are too special for the bin, I love looking back at how different she decorates them for my Birthdays and Christmas, and its always a giggle when she hands me my card and its got new doodles all over them. 

I think postcards are so cute! This is one I kept from my parents from when they visited the Vatican City. Receiving one in the post just seems so special to me, I love them!

I am definitely too attached to these to ever bin them, these are lanyards that I've received at gigs that I've been too, the one on the left was from being in the OMFG package at the Busted concert, and the two others are from having Meet and Greet at Emma Blackery Gigs. 

This is a silly one really, but its just a little reminder of a really nice day out I had with some friends, We went to play Crazy Golf, and this was the score sheet, I didn't win though. 

I think this might be another 'Jac the Hoarder' things, and I think its pretty obvious what it is ahaha. I got this on my 18th, I was actually surprisingly desperate for a 'big 18 badge' and I got it! WooHoo!

This is my little polaroid collection, I printed some of these off with my HP Sprocket! I recommend buying one of those so much! I hate how digital photos are now, I think its so much more special to have the actual photos. 

Like the lanyards - a couple of photos upwards, are from concerts or events Ive attended, from concerts to book signings, I just can't say bye to them. 

From my concert tickets, you have a small insight to my music taste, VERY varied! I don't really have a favourite type of music, but I love going to gigs, so any chance I get to go to one I try my best to get there! 

Whenever I go to Liverpool with friends, I always go to the TopShop Photo Booth, the wind machine makes for a lot of laughs! I hope to eventually have such a big collection of these with so many people.. 

Last but not least, these are a few things from my sisters wedding, I love keeping these safe, It was such an amazing day and I'm still so happy to have been a part of it!

I hope you enjoyed having a little nose into my memory box! Catch you around soon!

Guilty Pleasures Tag

Some might say a 'Tag' post is a nice easy-reading post, others might say it comes from a lack of creativity, I'll leave that one to you. I really do like reading tags from other bloggers, so I thought that I would make my own.

What is your guilty pleasure...

TV Show
This is easy for me, Its definitely got to be either Big Brother, or I'm a Celebrity. Both of these reality shows are my some of my favourite things to watch, I often find myself searching on youtube for the 'best bits' when I'm starting to get inpatient waiting for the actual series.

As much as I would love to say that I love books, and that I'm a huge book-worm, I actually don't read as much as I should, I find it so difficult to get drawn into a book, I find myself reading the first twenty pages and getting bored. As I read such a small amount of books, I wouldn't really say I have a guilty pleasure book, however, I do love trashy magazines in waiting rooms!

Anyone that loves me knows my one true love is Taylor Swift, the fact I have a life size cutout of her in my room says a lot, I'm sure. I would say a lot of her old country songs are a guilty pleasure, or maybe some old pop music like S Club 7.

One Direction, need I say more?

Anything from Lush, Such a guilty pleasure! I could spend so much in that shop, anything that looks like it could clear my skin is pretty much already sold, so I tend to just throw my money at lush.

Nothing says guilty pleasure like getting into your pyjamas with your best friend and ordering a dominos. This is the ultimate pick-me-up, and something that I definitely wouldn't be showcasing on Instagram - not an 'instagram-worthy' sight haha!

The. Sims. 4. Honestly such a guilty pleasure and an addiction, you would swear I was a 12 year old pre-teen but I cannot get enough of the game, Its honestly a habit, a daily habit.

Grease! One of my favourites, and not one I'm proud of. I absolutely love it. This is one of the films that can make me happy straight away!

Game you play on your phone
I go through phases of having loads of games or none at all, Luckily now is one of the phases when I'm absolutely obsessed! I'm currently addicted to a game called 'Scale' It's quite difficult to explain how to play - but it's one of those games where you don't need all your attention on it, an easy but addicting game! check it out!

Youtube!! Sometimes I'll be watching vlogs of my favourite creators or other times I'll get stuck in a hole of videos like 'How does a giraffe give birth'.

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